NO.1 Your customer wants to create a new pool for file and would like you to validate the
configuration. The pool will be created with one RAID1/0 4+4 FLASH drive group and eight RAID 5 4+1
SAS drive groups. The customer wants to create an even number of LUNs and allowed for auto
assignment of SPs.
What would you tell the customer?
A. Pools for file can only contain one RAID type.
B. The configuration is optimally configured.
C. Pools for file can only contain one drive type.
D. Pools for file are not supported.
Answer: A

NO.2 The majority of your customer's servers have highly utilized database applications that require
predictable performance.
What type of storage do you recommend?
A. Storage groups with thick LUNs
B. RAID Groups with traditional LUNs
C. Pool with traditional LUNs
D. RAID Groups with thin LUNs
Answer: B


NO.3 You are reviewing the array configuration of a VNX array that has MirrorView/A enabled. You
notice that all the images related to MirrorView/A have FAST Cache disabled. What is the best
practice for FAST Cache on MirrorView/A?
A. Disable on source image.
B. Enable on source image and RLP LUNs.
C. Disable on source image and RLP LUNs.
D. Enable on source image.
Answer: D


NO.4 Click on the calculator icon in the upper left-hand corner. A customer wants to add a SnapView
snapshot to a 500 GiB LUN. Captured data show that the LUN performs 500 4 KiB IOPs with a
read/write ratio of 3:1. What is the expected initial bandwidth at which data chunks will be written
into the Reserved LUN Pool?
A. 7.813 MiB/s
B. 3.906 MiB/s
C. 2.125 MiB/s
D. 500 KiB/s
Answer: A




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