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試験科目:Fortinet Troubleshooting Professional
問題と解答:全30問 NSE7 学習資料

>> NSE7 学習資料


NO.1 Examine the following partial outputs from two routing debug commands; then answer the
question below.
# get router info routing-table database
s [20/0] via, port2, [10/0] s *> [10/0] via, port1 # get
router info routing-table all s* [10/0] via, port1
Why the default route using port2 is not displayed in the output of the second command?
A. it is disabled in the FortiGate configuration.
B. it has a lower priority than the default route using port1.
C. it has a higher distance than the default route using portl.
D. it has a higher priority than the default route using portl.
Answer: B

NO.2 An administrator added the following Ipsec VPN to a FortiGate configuration:
configvpn ipsec phasel -interface edit "RemoteSite" set type dynamic set interface "portl" set mode
main set psksecret ENC LCVkCiK2E2PhVUzZe next end config vpn ipsec phase2-interface edit
"RemoteSite" set phasel name "RemoteSite" set proposal 3des-sha256 next end
However, the phase 1 negotiation is failing. The administrator executed the IKF real time debug while
attempting the Ipsec connection. The output is shown in the exhibit.
What is causing the IPsec problem in the phase 1 ?
A. NAT-T settings do not match
B. The incoming IPsec connection is matching the wrong VPN configuration
C. The phrase-1 mode must be changed to aggressive
D. The pre-shared key is wrong
Answer: D


NO.3 An LDAP user cannot authenticate against a FortiGate device. Examine the real time debug
output shown in the exhibit when the user attempted the authentication; then answer thequestion
Based on the output in the exhibit, what can cause this authentication problem?
A. User student is using a wrong password.
B. User student is not found in the LDAP server.
C. The FortiGate has been configured with the wrong authentication schema.
D. The FortiGate has been configured with the wrongpassword for the LDAP administrator.
Answer: B


NO.4 A FortiGate's portl is connected to a private network. Its port2 is connected to the Internet.
Explicit webproxy is enabled in port1 and only explicit web proxy users can access the Internet. Web
cache is NOT enabled. An internal web proxy user is downloading a file from the Internet via HTTP.
Which statements are true regarding the two entries in the FortiGatesession table related with this
traffic? (Choose two.)
A. The destination IP addresses of both sessions are IP addresses assigned to FortiGate'sinterfaces.
B. Both session have the local flag on.
C. One of the sessions has the IP address of port2 as the source IP address.
D. One session has the proxy flag on, the other one does not.
Answer: B,C


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