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試験科目:HBX CORe Final Examination
問題と解答:全265問 CORe 試験情報

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NO.1 A company's 2013 year-end balance sheet included the following:
The company's net cash from operating activities on its 2013 statement of cash flows is $200,000.
Current year depreciation expense is $25,000. What amount should the company report as net
income for 2013?
A. $170,000
B. $175,000
C. $230,000
D. $130,000
Answer: A


NO.2 A coal burning power plant in upstate New York has been the only provider of power in the
region for many years. Recently, a plant that uses wind to create energy was built nearby. The wind
plant produces less energy than the coal plant but at a lower cost. Will the coal plant be able to
remain competitive in this new market environment?
A. Yes, if the coal plant's decreased output is still sufficient to recover costs.
B. No, the coal plant's customers will switch to the wind powered plant.
C. Yes, if the coal plant sells energy at a price below its marginal cost.
D. No, the coal plant will be forced to cut prices and operate at a loss.
Answer: A


NO.3 Two years ago, the purchasing manager at a company spent $25,000 on a new machine that
would improve production efficiency at the company. The manufacturers of the machine release an
updated model that costs $35,000 and that promises to further improve production efficiency. Under
what conditions should the purchasing manager upgrade to the new model?
A. If the savings from the additional efficiency improvements are large enough to offset the $10,000
difference in price between the machines
B. If the efficiency improvements from the old machine did not result in enough savings to offset the
$25,000 purchase price
C. If the savings from the additional efficiency improvements are large enough to offset the $60,000
spent on machines
D. If the savings from the additional efficiency improvements are large enough to offset the $35,000
cost of the new machine
Answer: D


NO.4 Which of the following financial statements is MOST useful in determining the capital
expenditures of a company during the past year?
A. The income statement, using the depreciation expense per year
B. The statement of retained earnings, using the profits that were reinvested in the company
C. The balance sheet, using the ending balance of property, plant, and equipment
D. The statement of cash flows, using the investing section
Answer: D


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