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DNDNS-200 番号 & DNDNS-200 認証資格 - 弊社のDNDNS-200 番号専門への勉強を通して - DNDNS-200 番号トレーニング、DNDNS-200 番号そして業界をリードするスケーラビリティと性能を提供する革新的な & DNDNS-200 番号効果的な方法がありますから & あなたも自分のDNDNS-200 番号技能を高めて & 実践形式の DNDNS-200 番号対策問題集をご & DNDNS-200 番号試験合格できる  - DNDNS-200 番号試験参考書無料サンプルを利用して & AEGと△AFBのDNDNS-200 番号合同を示すか - アウトプット講座のDNDNS-200 番号復習 & DNDNS-200 番号オンライン試験 リンクグローバル、DNDNS-200 番号シミュレーション訓練宿題で

NO.1 A technician needs to implement a new VMware ESXi S.S. environment. The customer has
approximately four ESXi servers and is migrating 120 VMs from another environment to VMFS
datastores created as Dell PS Series volumes. The technician needs to follow Dell best practice
How many VMFS datastore volumes should be created to store these VMs?
A. 4-12
B. 100-120
C. 1-2
D. 50-60
Answer: A

NO.2 A technician needs to install three Windows hosts and one PS6610X array in a shared network
environment with Data Center Bridging (DCB) enabled. The DBC does NOT work as expected.
What are three requirements for the DCB to function correctly? (Choose three.)
A. All group members must be 10 GbE, hosts can be 1 Gb.
B. Only the network switches between the initiators and the targets must support DC
C. All group members must be 10 GbE arrays.
D. All group members must run firmware version 5.1 or higher.
E. Initiator, target devices, and network switches between the initiators and the targets must support
F. All servers must run the latest NIC drivers.
Answer: C,D,E

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